Church Primary Program and Halloween

The very next day, after the Tough Mudder, was the children's Primary Program at church.  I can't believe we actually made it to church early, especially after getting back home so late!  Shalom was so cute singing all the songs.  When we got to church, I didn't realize she wasn't wearing any underwear!  Occasionally, she would lift up the front of her dress during the program…while sitting in the front row!  I don't think anybody saw her, but still…wow!!

 Shalom was so cute to grab the microphone to say her line which was, "Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet today."

Wednesday night, we went to the Trunk-or-Treat at church, and Shalom had a lot of fun showing off her Fox costume!  Eden was just too cute for words as an elephant, and Michael was dressed as a gorilla.  Originally, I wanted to dress up as another animal, but couldn't find anything online so tube day before, I got a slutty fox costume thinking I could add some clothes underneath it but it still looked pretty bad.  Oh well.

Thursday night, Halloween, we met up with some friends down the street to go trick-or-treating.  Shalom fell asleep on our bed a little while earlier so it was hard to wake her up to get her costume on again and out the door.  Just Eden and I went trick-treating down the street for a little bit with some friends.  By the time we came back around to our house, her friends Hayden and Ryder really wanted her to come and waited for her to get her costume on…so sweet of them!  Well, Shalom is not a very happy person when she is woken up so she was a little grumpy and shy to go up to a door to get candy.  Eden, on the other hand, knew what  she was doing.  She just walked up to the door with the other kids and put her hand in the bowl of candy and got what she wanted.  
No picture gave Eden justice.   She was so stinkin' cute as a little elephant!!

This is too cute for words!  I love this picture!
It's like she's refusing to be happy!

One happy animal family…except for one.  ;)

Some friends we went trick-or-treating with:  Hayden and Ryder, Callie, Cara, and Tate, Milena, Addie, and Mckenna.

She's still cute even when's she grumpy.

Cute, little Eden going up to a house that left a big bowl of candy at the doorstep and getting what she wanted.