Family Pictures 2013

We got our family pictures taken earlier this month, and while the process was a little crazy the outcome turned out great!  I was happy with the work that Nicky Solier (a freelance photographer in Midland and also a member of the church) did.
I couldn't believe we got a picture with both dogs looking.  We got Ella just a couple days before Thanksgiving.  We sort of rescued her from one of Michel's customers.  She is a year a half and has spent her whole life in a crate in the sun with food being poorer into it.  She had abrasions on her nose, her coat was not full, she couldn't walk up the stairs, her eyes had/still have an infection.  Now, she is doing so much better!  She can run upstairs, eat out of a bowl, and her eyes are looking better.  She's a sweet dog, but understandably always in your face if you're sitting on the floor in need of attention which means she is a great cuddler or what we call a "cuddle buddy".  One of these days we'll get a bigger house for both dogs to run around.  For now, we go to the field behind our house for them to play.  It's taken Roxy a little while to get used to her, but they will play fight all the time now.

This is the one good shot of both of them together.  Right after this moment, Shalom was pulling Eden by the shirt to get her closer.

I sure do love my girls!
This pretty much sums up the whole experience.  I had to get a picture of her capturing the craziness with Michael on the phone most of the time, both of us trying to contain the dogs, and the girls kind of doing their own thing.
These are Shalom's pictures from preschool.  She needs to stop growing so fast! 

Their visit with Santa!  We braved the mall on a Saturday to visit Santa, and it wasn't too bad.  I was worried about Eden not wanting to sit on his lap, but she did great!