Weekends of Fun and More

Michael's mom was able to visit us for a week as part of her month long break from working in Nigeria.  We had a great time with her, and I wish I would have taken more pictures than I did.  
On our Sunday walk in the neighborhood.
Thursday night (two night before she left), I thought she would enjoy watching Michael and Titus at rugby practice since she was leaving before their next weekend.

Roxy was so sweet!  She would get so excited when she saw Michael, and she would run after him and wag her tail...so cute!  She didn't really run off too far away from us.  And, when we sat on the bleachers, she sat and stayed right by us.  
That weekend, September 28th, Michael and Titus played in one of their rugby tournaments in Midland...the one tournament that I am certainly able to watch since it's not a long drive away.  I think they won 2 out of 3 games.  From the pictures, it looked like they played pretty hard!  

I didn't show up to the field until the end when they were all cleaning up their stuff.  The games started at 2, but I went to show support and go to his cousin's son's birthday party that ended at 3.  I thought we could make it on time, but I ended up getting lost after realizing I was at the wrong field.  I was getting so frustrated after a while, and it just got worse with Eden crying uncontrollably.  I was really bummed that we weren't able to be there because I really wanted to show my support.  Well, I was still acting frustrated when I got to the field even though he seemed okay with me not being there.  He got upset with me basically because I was kind of ruining his excitement from the games they had won.  Needless to say, we left on a bad note with me crying the whole way home out of frustration.

Later that night, Mike still offered to watch the girls so I could go to the Relief Society Broadcast.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go anymore, but I am so glad that I went.  I really enjoyed the words spoken by the General Presidency, but I particularly appreciated the words given by Pres. Monson.  

These are some of my notes that I took:  relief society was organized by inspiration,
                                                              all of us have challenges and struggles, many exist because we        
            live in this mortal world, 
                                                               how to navigate in the celestial world? - when you worry that 
                                                                    you walk alone remember prayer God will speak peace to 
                                                                    the soul
                                                               we were not placed on this earth to walk alone, He will be            
                                                                    there for us to provide help if we but ask, be believing
                                                               trust in Heavenly Father to provide the help we seek, pray 
                                                                    always and have a prayer in your heart, did you think to 
                                                              as we read the scriptures we will find answers to our questions 
                                                                    and gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father's 
                                                                    love for us
                                                              story of mother with kids and husband in medical school, she 
                                                                    felt abandoned from god, a friend attempted to ask her what 
                                                                    food she would love to have, she thought about homemade 
                                                                    bread, the next day homemade rolls came from a lady who 
                                                                    felt impressed to bring rolls to a girls she hardly knew, 
                                                                    Heavenly Father had responded to her need and let her 
                                                                    know that he was with her
                                                               the Lord is always there beside you

I love how they really enjoy playing with each other!
Saturday, October 5th, I finally ran my first half marathon!  (The starting point was at Crossroads, a mile and a half away from our house so I just walked to it to get warmed up and so Michael could be there with the girls at the finish line which was away from the starting point.  I'm glad the house was on the race route because I was glad to drop off an extra layer of clothing and get my sunglasses...that I didn't need after all.)  Since it was my first half marathon, I thought it would be a little more tough mentally and physically so I thought I would keep about a 10 minute average pace and struggle a little bit, but I was able to have an average pace of 9:15.  

Throughout the race, I would pick out people in front of me to try to pass, and as I would pass more and more people it gave me an extra boost of confidence.  I made sure to take it easy in the beginning, but the last 3 miles I really started to pick up the pace even though the last mile and a half or 2 my quads were really killing me.  I tried to pick it up even more and finish strong when I got to the track.  As soon I made that last turn on the track, I picked it up even more to try to pass up a guy right in front of me.  Maybe 5 or 10 meters outside of the finish line he realized I was creeping up on him he tried to make sure I didn't beat him but it didn't work out in his favor.  Ha!!  Michael and the girls got to the finish line maybe a minute or two after I crossed the finish line.  I'm just glad they were there to meet me at the end!  My time ended up being 2:05:05, but the course was actually a little bit longer than 13.1 miles.  They made the distance 13.5 miles so as to be able to have water stations at every mile so really I finished at 2 hours and 1 minutes...just saying. 

Some days when I pick up Shalom from Crossroads (her preschool), we'll play on the playground (right outside the building) for a little bit.  They love it!

I love our evening walks before the girls go to bed.  The weather is so nice outside!
I love Eden's hair flying in the wind.
As the girls and I were walking back from walking Roxy, Michael was getting home from work.  When Shalom saw him on the sidewalk, she ran for him.  I'm so glad I capture this moment!

Saturday, October 12th, our family ran in the Color Vibe 5k fun run.  It was a blast and we had tons of fun maybe even more fun than the kids.  I wish I would have gotten a full head to toe shot of Michael because he was wearing a white button up shirt, a white tie, and white pants.  Random people would ask to take a picture with him just because they thought it was awesome.  

This was far from a serious/timed 5k race so a lot of people walked it and some of those people would unintentionally form walls making it hard for us to go around them.  As jogged (taking turns half way through pushing the stroller) throughout the race, we would have to randomly yell out, "Behind you!", "Coming through!", or "On your left!"  

After the race, we had fun jamming to the music at the stage area.  And, it wasn't until then that Shalom really started to have fun!
Shalom is still trying to wake up here.  We literally woke her up, got her dressed, and headed out the door.
A guy gave us a bandana for Shalom so the colored powder would get in her mouth and nose.
Poor Eden was not enjoying it at all! 

I love this picture because it looks like Shalom had just gotten hit with color.


We recently installed a camera in the girls' room.  After we all got cleaned up after the race, it was really quiet upstairs so I looked to see what was going on and this is what I found.  It looks like someone got a little wore out from the race. ;)