Tough Mudder!! Saturday, October 26th

The time had finally come for the Tough Mudder!!!  

It was so good to finally get together and joke around and act nervous together for what would come!  
Scott and Brent thought they were so cool because they happened to wear the same shirt but different color.  They're both funny trying to keep their chin up ;)
4 of the 5 siblings!  We wish Nathan could've been there!  Brent looks uncomfortable enough to look like Nathan though…and Scott wearing tape on his nose.  We look like a great bunch!
Us three were in a double bed together…which means no room!
Who's that creep in the corner?!  ;)
We all didn't go to bed until late because we were catching up and enjoying not having kids around us for a little bit.  No one wanted to get up very early to get ready, but we all drug ourselves out of bed around 7:30 to get some breakfast.  We sat around and talked at the table eating breakfast we forgot what time it was.  So, we hurried up to get dressed and ready and get our nervous dumps out!  We all got in the car and were like, "Ok, how do we get there?!"  As we were driving we were looking up the address online driving crazy and going crazy trying to get there!  Wow, talk about going crazy right before getting there.

Brent's trying to listen to his own music to get pumped up because our music isn't doing it for him.

To get to the starting line, we all had to climb over a wall.
So cool with their shirts tucked in ;)

This was the first obstacle!  We had to crawl through the mud with wire right above us so we had to make sure we didn't lift our head up too much.  It was best to keep your head sideways.  Right in front of me this girl was going kind of slow; she was just using her arms to crawl.  I kept saying, "Put your knees u!"  She finally realized I was talking to her.  Then, it was much easier for both of us.

GLORY BLADES (2 different sections)
Mike would throw his whole body over the whole making it look effortless.  He looked pretty bad ass doing going over it this way.  He said he had to do that because of his shoulder.

BALE BONDS (3 different sections)
These weren't too bad.  We had to go over them most of the time, but we could go in between some of them.  We would be muddy right before this obstacle, so after going through these obstacles we would be covered in hay.
Amy looks so bad ass in this picture!


Everyone had to get partner and take turns carrying each other  for a small distance.  Since, you had to switch Scott and Mike were partners and Amy and Brent were partners and April and Summer were partners.  So, I kept yelling out, "I need a partner!  I need a partner!"  Finally, this guy offered to carry me, and he just carried me the whole way!  :)

The rope was pretty heavy so we had to keep it up with our backs.  There was another devil's beard, but the 2nd time it was down hill! 
I felt bad my that my butt was right in Summer's face.  ;)

This one was pretty hard…for me!  We had hold on with our fingertips with our feet on a ledge only for a small distance.  With no foot ledge, we had to basically swing our body to get to the other side.  I didn't end up making it.  I think all the guys made it across!
Mike did awesome!

The was a really fun one!  Amy, Brent, and I jumped in at the same time!  The water was actually really deep!

This one was pretty crazy!  We crawled through muddy water on a long tarp with electrical wire hanging over our heads getting shocked over and over again!

MUD MILE (2 of them)
We started off by sliding down the first hill.  The first mud mile didn't have muddy water.  It was pure mud; so when we came down each hill our feet would get a little stuck.  We all helped each other up and over each hill, sometimes pushing each others' butts.  On the 2nd mud mile which was like the picture below, Mike ended up sliding down face first over one of the hills!

Right after the first mud mile!

We didn't take any pictures from this obstacle.  I had to take this from the Tough Mudder website.  This wasn't too bad.  You just had to run really fast up the tall, steep hill.  I was the first one to go, and I just went for it!

SOGGY BOTTOM (2x; 2nd time after the mystery obstacle)
I love how Scott is this happy during the course.  haha!


This wasn't too bad, except for I had to grab onto the last wall because my legs gave out.

We had to run through this thick layer of mud in between different obstacles.  The best way to go through it is to just run fast!

This was insane!  We had to jump in a dumpster size pool of ICE COLD water!  There was a board in the middle, so we had to go under it but we didn't know how far down it went.  As you as your head comes out of the water, you're just racing to get out!  The best thing to do as soon as you get out is to move around/jog in place or something while you're waiting for your group to go through so you don't freeze too much.
I love April's expression!  She was like, "What did I just do?!"

We just had to grab a log from a pile of logs and carry it for about a 1/4 of a mile and finish by walking through a pond.

This one was a tad bit scary because you're completely under the fence with really shallow water so all that's out of the water is your face.  You're ears under the water so you can't really hear much.  While I was going through it, a guy to the side of me kept coming over to my side which made it a little harder for me.

You have to run over each tube.  There were like ten of them.  I just got to the fourth one.

We didn't get any pictures of this one.  Mike was great about giving us a boost.  When he gave me a boost though, I didn't have much arm strength to lift myself up once I grabbed on to the top of the wall so I had to really stretch my leg way over to get it over the wall instead of using my arms.  The guys were like, "Well, that's one way to do it."  

A view from one of the hills we had to run up in between these two obstacles.

We had to go down a small hill through a tube then through the muddy water with the medal wires above our had then go up a small hill through another tube.  Us girls were small enough to crawl through on our knees, but the guys had it a little tougher by only crawling with their arms.

This one was voted the toughest obstacle.  I didn't think this obstacle would be that hard, but the bars were much further apart than the typical monkey bars on a playground.  Needless to say, I didn't make it.  I don't think any of us made it.

We had to run up really fast for someone to grab your hands at the top.  I was the only one that didn't make it to the top for the first try.  I was like, "I can't believe this!!"  Once I ran up for the third time (!!!) I was like, "Just grab my hands and pull me up!"

The very last obstacle!!  Once we got the obstacle, we had to wait longer than normal because right before we got to it a guy had stopped moving midway through.  The paramedics had to drive over and help him.  They ended up putting him on a stretcher to put him in the ambulance car to drive away.  Thankfully, he was moving as they were putting him in the car.  I was freaking out though!!  I was like, "Oh my gosh!  I don't want to go through that, especially after going through the Electric Eel!"  When the time came, Amy and I went through together.  As soon as we went through, we got shocked and fell to the ground and basically ran/crawled through the mud and small barrels of hay and then ran to the finish line!

We are Tough Mudders!!

I just can't get the tough look down.  I looked pissed more than anything.
And, here I am again looked "pissed".  Brent and Mike look clean because they walked off without telling us to go get washed off while we were cheering on April and Summer and the other three people in our group as they were going up  Everest.  

We look more excited to get free boxes of protein bars!  ;)

Amy just couldn't hold her pee in while waiting for Scott to go open the side door to the hotel.  Mike was basically like what is wrong with you Barrows because I have the same problem.  Throughout the course, Amy and I must've peed on ourselves like 5x.  We were like, "Well, we're already wet and gross."  
This was by far one of the best experiences!  We all had such a fun time together!  We'll be talking about this for a long time, and we're already talking about wanting to do the next one!