New Year of Preschool and More

Shalom started Preschool/Mother's-Day-Out again this year.  It actually started the week before, but she had to miss it because of the wedding.  This year it is four days a week instead of two.  I was a little worried about her going more days a week, but she does great.  She acts really excited about the things she learned that day.
 First day of gymnastics!  I totally forgot how I was supposed to get there early at the beginning of the season to get her signed up and registered.  When I got there there was a long line to get signed up, but luckily since Mike is helping to coach the older girls once a week I got pulled to the side to come up to the front.  HAhahahaha!  I think Shalom will really like again especially since her friends Callie and Cara are doing it with her.  I am glad that Mike will be taking her to gymnastics because it is a pain to watch Eden during the whole hour because she's gone crazy trying to go everywhere!
 That's my smiley girl!  She thinks she's being funny making a mess with her macaroni.