Wedding Extravaganza for Reagan and Airi

 Two weekends ago, we started off the week long wedding festivities for Reagan and Airi.  We got to Dallas in the afternoon and later met up at Ema's friend's house to meet Reagan, Airi, and her parents (who flew all the way from Japan) for dinner.  It was so nice to finally meet her.  As soon as she saw the girls she started snapping pictures of them.

(Stole these from Airi)

She was pretty worn out from the long car ride!

The next morning, we toured the 6th Floor Museum where JFK was assassinated.  It was pretty interesting to learn more about that day.  Of course we couldn't take any pictures inside, but we took plenty outside!

(Stole from Airi)
(Stole from Airi)  Love this one of them!

 Afterwards, we went to a Mexican restaurant downtown to let Airi and her parents get a taste of it.
(Stole from Airi)

Loving her portable highchair...definitely a great purchase!
 After the mall, we headed to the North Park Mall for Ema, Airi, and Reagan.  Ema had to work some things out with T-Mobile, but Reagan was the retarded one and didn't look for a suit until TWO days before the wedding...CRAZY!  ;) I'm hoping Airi's going to whip him into shape!  I didn't mind so much being there because the mall was crazy awesome with lots of designer shops...shopping heaven!
Like mother like daughter...happy at the mall!
Monday morning, we took Airi's parents to a country western boot store to get something Texan to bring back home.  We had a little fun just trying on hats and stuff.
Loving the cowgirl hat!

(Stole from Airi)  She captured just the right moment with Eden because she was actually trying to get the hat off.
Sweet Uncle Titus!

She was pouting because Caleb was sitting in her little seat she was playing with...poor baby.

Princess GiGi with 2 of her grandbabies!

We went to a yummy barbecue restaurant right across the street.
This is what happens now when we take Eden out to a restaurant...everything gets thrown on the floor!
 Right after lunch, we walked over to the Aquarium.  It was such a neat aquarium.
I don't know why I bother trying to smile for pictures...sometimes it's just best to go along.
I couldn't believe how close we were to the sloth.  I kind of want one now.

Shalom is hilarious in this picture...definitely her daddy's daughter.  ;)

What a life for a baby!  ;) 
This is my frustration when I can't get them to freaking smile!
Again...like daddy like daughter.
She loves the sea turtle that Airi's parents gave her after the aquarium!
Most everyone played in the pool after dinner the night before the wedding!

Love this picture!

Papa walking with Eden...so sweet!
Getting ready for the big day!
 The Big Day!

All of the brothers together!

Even though it was getting so hot outside and we had already taken so many pictures, I had to get my girls in front of the temple!

"Families Can Be Together Forever"...through the blessings of the temple and the priesthood.

(Stole from Airi) Love this one of them!
(Stole from Airi)  
(Stole from Airi)  Their new Auntie!
I love how she has her camera around her shoulder.
 Where do you go after your wedding?,,,a barbecue restaurant!  ;)

These is what exhausted looks like!

Mike and Kay Loftin were so nice to offer their house to us for the week to accommodate some of us.  Mike to some of us on a morning boat ride the next day.  It was so nice of him to take us out.  Eden sure loved it!

We looked like a fun bunch...all day Wednesday...we were a little wiped out from the wedding!
Right after the wedding, Mike had to fly back home to work because he had a lot of driving and a lot of tires to deliver so he brought Roxy along with him.  This picture is so cute and funny of them two.  It looks like Roxy is actually watching the road helping him drive.

Thursday, we helped decorate for the reception...well, I at least tried when I could because Eden is everywhere now.  I left at 5:30 to teach Amy's Zumba class from 6 to 7 (which turned out to be a lot of fun I was so nervous to teach on a platform in front of a lot of people but there were only 10 to 15 people so it wasn't so bad).  I came back to the church about 7:30 and they were still there.  What a day!  Luckily I have some pretty good kids and they still had smiles on their faces.

Aunt Marie did a beautiful job with the wedding cake.

Airi's mom made all the oragami centerpieces.
Everybody helped to decorate from about 11 to about 7 in the evening on Thursday.  It was certainly a long day!
 Reception day!  
In their tradition Japanese attire for the beginning of the wedding.

Airi took part in a Hawaiian tradition by doing a performance for the groom.  This is so sweet, and she is so cute!

Eden loved being held by Charlie.

Me and baby Kennedy

Airi's dad was a lot of fun to get to know!

Airi's mom was so sweet and nice to talk to when were able to and understand each other.  And, I love her style!

I loved this picture that Airi's dad posted of himself on Facebook!  Leilani's mom's head is sitting on his shoulder.  ;)
I don't know what the deal was with the Ninja Turtle mask.


Eden loved dancing in her daddy's arms!

Papa and baby Aubrey 

The dance part of the reception turned in to a tween dance.  They were so fun to watch!
The little ones (Ava, Shalom, and Rylan) wanted a turn at dancing on the stage.

I was a little exhausted from staying up late from the reception, and we had to get up early to exchange cars so I said I wasn't going to do the Run or Dye run but Mike talked me in to it and told me to "man up."  I am so glad I did the run with Scott and Amy!  I got to Amy's house early in the morning and we were ready to go and pick up Scott at his house.  We were making fun of Scott because he was taking forever and packing up like he was getting for a long trip...such a girl.  ;)
I couldn't believe how many people were there!  We had to wait forever to start because people went in waves so our group of people didn't go until 9:30.

Scott got hit in right in the face with the blue.

After the race, the people on stage throw packs of powder and when the time came we counted down we all threw our packs of dye and color was thrown everywhere!  
I found a green pack on the ground and threw it right at Scott's face!  Hahaha!

What better way to wash off from the color than to jump in the lake.
When I came back to the Loftin's house after the run, Shalom and Caleb were swimming in the lake with Princess.
This was the view from the deck...I guess it wouldn't be so bad to live out by the lake.

Nothing like watching two little ones showing off their little bums ;)

One more outing with Aunt Anna before we both left...Mike had been craving good Louisiana food so we went to Copeland's.

One day we'll have to live closer to Amy and her family because Shalom LOVES to play with Ava, Brook, and Rylan!

We were finally on our way home!  It was so nice to be with family and be a part of Reagan and Airi's wedding!  It is also nice to be back home!  Everything is finally back to normal after a week of being home.
We were stopped for about a half hour so Eden had a little fun in Uncle Titus' lap.