Memorial Weekend in Shreveport

We got to go back to Louisiana last weekend!! It was so nice to see so much green coming from the desert! The main reason we went to Shreveport was for Mike's younger brother, Kelvin. Michael was able to be in the circle for Kelvin's confirmation to be a deacon. I think it was so nice, as a big brother, that he would want to be there and support his younger brother. [side note: Shalom didn't have any accidents on the way there! We made a lot of stops on the side of the road ;)]

Of course, I couldn't not see some of my siblings while I was there. Saturday morning, I got to do one of Amy's Zumba classes which was a little hard for me to keep up with the jumping around and having to take a couple bathroom breaks. It was a lot of fun though! She's a really fun teacher! It was great to have Shalom hang out with her cousins she doesn't get to see very often. After Zumba, Amy, Scott, their kids and us got to hang out for a few hours at the swim club. I wish I would've taken pictures of all of us together. Oh well. The weekend was more about Mike's family so I'm glad I got to at least hang out with some of my family for a little bit. Shalom was cracking up watching Roxy chase the bunny in its cage! All that laughing made her toot!
Roxy was having the time of her life at the farm! While we rode in the golf cart, she followed us around every where, and most of the time she was playing in the duck pond! She absolutely loved it! I knew she wouldn't get a chance to swim in water for a long time again being in the desert and all.
Shalom was still waking up this morning to smile for the camera, but she really enjoyed riding the golf cart with Daddy and Grandpa!
She really loved riding the pony for the first time! She was so excited from the moment she got on it. I couldn't help but take a lot of pictures of her. I enjoyed seeing that big grin on her face so much!
The next day, after church, Shalom and Michael went down the zip line! I couldn't believe i was okay with her going down it just because I am afraid of heights. From what I could tell, she had a big grin on her face. I don't know if she would do it again or not because she had no idea what she was getting herself into the first time.
We drove home most of the day on Monday. (This time Shalom had 2 accidents, one success in the bathroom, and one success on the side of the road. Not too bad for a long drive home.) I couldn't help get a picture of Mike helping Shalom pop a squat. It was too funny! Like mother like daughter I guess. I helped drive for a while and they were all out for the count...to cute! I got a video of Shalom cracking up! I couldn't resist! ;)

It was a fun weekend, but too fast! (It was great to see Jenny and Caroline and Naomi and her new boyfriend.) I think we did a pretty good job of trying to hang out with most every body, which is always a challenge when we go to Shreveport.