Monahans Sandhills

A few weeks ago we went to the Monahans Sandhills with our friends from our apartment complex. (We've really become great friends with them - Debbie and Matt and their kids Baylee and Harbour and another friend Amy. I go on walks almost every day with Debbie and Amy with our dogs.) Since the weather wasn't too hot that weekend, we thought we'd take advantage of it and drive just 30 minutes west to the sand dunes. It was so much fun! Poor Mike was on-call so he couldn't go. :( Shalom loved going down the hills and walking back up! At first, we were going down the hill so slow so I got my WD40 and sprayed it on the bottom of the sled and it worked like a charm! This is definitely a place we'll be coming back to often, especially since it's only 30 minutes away!