Our Thanksgiving Weekend

Michael's mom came in to Odessa to visit us the weekend before Thanksgiving. She came in on a Friday and the next day Michael had signed us up for a 5k run. I couldn't believe he actually signed up for it himself! I didn't need any reasons. I just went with it and had fun. He kept telling he was going to kick my butt and that I was going to eat his dust. He did pretty good keeping up with me through the first half, then he ate my dust. :) When I was done, I walked back to meet up with his mom who was pushing Shalom in the stroller. While she was walking, she met these two kids who enjoyed some of her motivation and they finished together. It was really sweet. We had a fun time with her for almost a week. On Wednesday night we all drove to Shreveport to be with family for Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving day, we had dinner with Michael's sister's husband's family, and Shalom had fun riding the four wheeler with her cousin Caleb.

The next day we went with my mom, Amy's kids (Brooke, Rylan, and Ava), and Tracey's son, Bryce to Sciport, a kids science museum. It was so nice for all the kids to get out of the house and to just let loose!

Shalom's poor skirt was falling off the whole time. It was kinda crazy but cute at the same time.

Having Shalom in the baby carrier backpack can be such a life/head-ache saver.

Later on that day, we went to Caleb's first birthday party! It was a John Deere theme...co cute!

Right afterwards, we went to celebrate Ava's 1st birthday and mom's birthday. (They both have the same birthday.) I helped Amy make this rainbow cake which turned out to be really nice and yummy. All the cousins sure did seem to have a lot of fun together. They were all so cute together!

The next day, some of us played some volleyball at the church building. Before that, my parents, Mike, Scott, Tracey, and I went to the driving range. It was completely Mike's idea. He really wants to try to learn more golf and improve his game. My dad was nice enough to help him instead of get a workout in.

Afterwards, Mike took Shalom up to the farm while I stayed in town to eat lunch and go shopping with his mom, Ema, and his sister, Ema-Chanel. It was nice spending some time with his sister because we really don't hang out much.

Afterwards, the girls went to see a movie so my mom and Brooke picked me up and we went tree shopping for Amy because she had a little Charlie Brown tree. Soon after that, Mike and I had dinner with his parents and his grandma. Then, right after that we had some dessert with my friend, Naomi and her boyfriend, Corwin. It was my first time to meet him, and they both seem so perfect for each other. I just wish we could've been able to spend more time together.

I would say we did a pretty good job of spending time with everyone in just the few days we had there. It's always so hard splitting our time, but we were pretty successful this time. We were just a little exhausted. Mike was so good and drove the whole 8 hours back home.


Larisa Naomi Constantinescu said...

I made the blog!! :)

y'all are awesome! It was fab seeing y'all!