Our First Halloween in Odessa

Our ward in Odessa had a Halloween activity earlier in the week with games and trunk or treat afterwards. Mike couldn't make it because he was out of town, but it was still pretty fun playing some of the games with Shalom and getting to know more people.

Saturday night, all three of us went to a different ward's Halloween activity with a family we're friends with. It was fun to participate in the Halloween spirit with Mike this time.

Halloween night, we met up with a few families at a different church that was throwing a HUGE carnival. There weren't too many games to play for all of our little toddlers so the tickets we bought for games were kind of a bust, but we still had fun being around a lot of people filled with the Halloween spirit. Mike looked pretty awesome as a rocker dude! I was kind of lame and went as his groupie. And, Shalom sure did look cute as a lady bug...all three times! ;) Later, we went trick-or-treating in a neighborhood to end the night! It was a pretty fun night!


Stacy Hutchinson said...

That all looks really fun! You guys really know how to crash some church parties!! I've been missing you:( Keep up with the blog so we can see how y'all are doing.