Christmas 2011

Shalom and I got to go to Louisiana for the Christmas holidays from the 16th to the 23rd. I really wanted to take advantage of Shalom being free on the plane before she turned 2. We left early, early in the morning on Friday to arrive in Lafayette by 8 in the morning. What I thought was going to be a breeze since she was sleeping the whole turned out to be exhausting! The plane idled in the air for 30 minutes in Lafayette then turned back around to Houston. So, we had to wait in the Houston airport for 4 hours until we could get on the next available flight. We must've gone up and down the stairs and the escalator a hundred times!! I'm just glad she got all her wiggles out and slept on the plane ride to Lafayette! I didn't get my luggage until the next day! Oh well! I'm just glad we were finally in Louisiana!!

I planned on going to Baton Rouge the day I got in but I was too exhausted. My parents decided to go to the temple; so we rode along with them and while they were in there I got to visit with Sarah, Lindsay, and Helen!! So good to see them! (I wish I would've taken pictures!)

After my parents got out of the temple, Sarah came along with us to Cupcake Couture to get Shalom a cupcake and sing to her since it was her birthday that day! They gave her a birthday hat and a candle in her cupcake. We sang to her, and she didn't know what was going on while she was eating her cupcake but she was loving it! She sure did like that cupcake, too!

Every night at my parents' house, Shalom had fun playing in the hot tub with Big Daddy and Grandma! She climbed all over Big Daddy and jumped off of him like he was a jungle gym.

Sunday afternoon we played golf together. This picture of my dad and Shalom is just too precious. She did pretty good for a toddler. She would walk with us (on some of the holes) to the green or just play in the bunker throwing sand around. She has really gotten good at "cheesing" for the camera. Too cute!

Monday, my mom and I took Shalom to the mall in Baton Rouge to see Sarah and Helen and Santa Claus! We must've stood in line for an hour to see Santa! Luckily Shalom was in my baby carrier backpack. She ended up falling asleep 5 minutes before we got to see him. So, I thought I'd risk it and carefully take her out of the backpack and place her on Santa's lap. I couldn't believe how perfect and cute the picture turned out! I don't think the picture would've been as cute if she was awake b/c she probably would've been screaming. It was so good to visit with Sarah and Helen at the mall, even though it was just for a few hours.

The next day, we drove up to Shreveport to visit my siblings and go to a baby shower for Julie, Laura's sister. It was so good to see so many people I don't get to see very often at all! It was like a mini reunion. Right when we got into Shreveport, before the shower, I got to go to Amy's Zumba class! She's a great teacher and has some fun music and dance moves!

Wednesday, we just hung out at Amy's house making Christmas goodies with the kids. That night, my mom, Shalom, and I visited Scott, Tracey, Nathan, Jenny, and their kids for a little bit. I don't get to visit with Nathan and Jenny's family too often; so it was good to see them and play with their kids for the night!

The next day, we drove back to my parents' house in Sunset. My dad had to play Santa Claus at their branch Christmas party. So, instead of waiting for him to come back home, we decided to go too. Shalom had no idea my dad was Santa Claus. He wouldn't even go up to him. We both sat on his lap, and she was a little more comfortable. It was so nice seeing people from their branch. As soon as my dad was in the hallway at the church without the Santa suit on, Shalom went right up to him. She sure does love her Big Daddy! The whole week in Louisiana went by way too fast! It was a whirlwind of events. We had so much fun! I just wish I knew the next time we'll be back.

It was good to be back together with Mike. Christmas Eve night we did one my family's Christmas tradition and went Christmas caroling to some family's houses and brought the missionaries along with us! It was so much fun....and it was a white Christmas too! It had been snowing all day and night! Shalom sure did love her little trike for Christmas! She couldn't wait for Daddy to finish putting it together to ride. She loves riding it while we take Roxy for walks! It was such a great Christmas holiday. It was certainly different with just us three this year, but it was very nice!