Corn Maze with the Family

Mike flew into Shreveport so met him up at my his family's corn maze and later Amy and Scott and their families (minus Tracey) and my friend, Naomi, came to hang out with us one more time. And, by the way, Shalom was SO excited to see Mike! She didn't want much to do with me after she saw him. We had a blast!! His family has so many things to do and see at the maze like, of course, the maze, pig races, inflatable trampoline, a corn pit, paint guns (but with tiny nerf balls), pony rides, a cow train, a pumpkin patch, a barn swing, a zip line, and the haunted part of the maze! Wow! That's a lot! We didn't even have enough time to do everything! I'm so glad they all made the time to come out there to the maze and say bye to us at the end of the night. I was pretty proud of myself for not crying.

His Aunt Laurie and Grandpa Kelley came out from Washington state to help out for the season!