Mud Run in Baton Rouge

In September, I did a mud run as part of a team in Baton Rouge. It was SO much fun! Mike came in town that weekend after being gone for almost a month. It was SO nice to see him and be with him for the weekend until he had to go back to Midland. We drove from Sunset to Baton Rouge Saturday morning for me to do the race and for him to cheer me on. I'm so glad he was there! I loved having a cheerleader and a supporter. I'm so glad he was nice enough to be there for me during his weekend to see us. This race was so much fun! I wish I could find more adventurous races like this besides a typical road race. All of the obstacles were pretty challenging, especially the one with the slip'n'slide having to run up it was pretty hard for me.

Mike took some little videos of me throughout parts of the race.

I'm so glad Stacy told me about the race and got me to do it! It's been so fun doing Insanity workouts with her! She did pretty awesome for her first race! I'm so glad we were able to work out together and become better friends. Too bad I had to move! :( Love ya Stacy!