Labor Day Weekend

We had a great time in Shreveport for the Labor Day weekend! It was so nice of the guys to watch the kids while us girls got to play tennis Saturday morning and Monday afternoon! We all had fun playing in the pool with the kids both days too! Saturday night we all hung out at Amy's house and watched the LSU game and happened to have a bunch of IBC root beer bottles....so we jokingly had our own little tailgate party! The kids loved it! :) It was fun to watch Shalom play with some of her cousins and get to know them more. She's either following them around or pushing them. I guess she'll grow out of it eventually....hopefully. :) We had a fun filled weekend that went by too fast.

Big Daddy got her this cute, yellow swim vest so she doesn't have to depend on us to hold her all the time in the pool. It ended up drowning her-no pun intended-but it just looked so darn cute on her though!