The Zoo of Acadiana and More

The last weekend of August, Scott and his family came in town from Shreveport, Friday afternoon, to drive with us to Baton Rouge to make it there before 7 o'clock. And, whew, did we make it there just in the nick of time. There was so much traffic coming in to Baton Rouge, we didn't think we would make it. I really wanted to go the Baton Rouge temple one last time, especially with my brother, his wife, and my parents. [Mike had already moved to Texas. :(] Scott and Tracey haven't been in a while, and since my ward offered babysitting it was going to be nice to be in the temple with my parents too and not have to watch the kids. I was getting kind of upset thinking that it wasn't going to work out and how Scott and Tracey drove all this way, but we made it!!! I literally brought Shalom in the church to be babysat and ran to the temple. I was grateful to the temple workers for waiting for us! It was so nice being in there with them. We all definitely had thankful hearts.

Well, usually when anybody comes in town the guys play golf in the morning; so us girls....and Bryce went to the zoo in Lafayette. It was actually pretty nice and had a lot of shading and a really nice playground. I put Shalom in my baby carrier backpack which turned out to be a lifesaver! She was eye level with me and I didn't have to worry about her climbing out of the stroller and having to chase her around everywhere. (The backpack is awesome too when I go to grocery stores now b/c I put her in it and don't have to worry about her climbing out. I get so many looks like what a great idea.) So, I had a monkey on my back the whole time! We waved hi and bye to all the animals. She was totally excited to see every animal. With her being on my back, she didn't have to try to climb up the little gates to see the animals.

She was so excited to see the monkeys! This is her reaction. I love it...so cute!

Bryce had a little giraffe leash on, which kept his mom from chasing him all around. He sure did love the lizards and snakes!

Shalom is so sweet trying to give Bryce a hug and a kiss. She doesn't seem to be giving up. ;)

They had so much fun riding the golf cart with Big Daddy! We all swam in the pool together after the zoo. Shalom saw her cousin, Bryce who is 2 years old, jump off the diving board so she thought she wanted to. I wish I would have gotten a picture or video of her jumping off with Scott or my dad catching her. She went off a number of times!!

The next week, Sarah came to town to visit, and we went to the zoo since Elmo was going to be there! So, Shalom had a pretty exciting day! We got to be right up close and personal with the pig, goat, and deer. It was so cute to watch Shalom get so excited.

She finally got to see Elmo!! She was a little apprehensive at first, but once she saw and got more comfortable she gave him a high five, a kiss, and a hug. Then, she didn't want to leave Elmo!