I Sure Will Miss Baton Rouge

My Primary class was so great! They were so receptive to learning more about Christ and reverent....for the most part. I sure will miss Torianna, Graham, and Lincoln. They are each so different in their own way, which made some Sundays pretty interesting at times.

Heather was one of Shalom's Nursery leaders. Shalom has only been in Nursery for a few months, and she gets so scared to go in as soon as sacrament meeting is over or if we say the word "nursery." She is too funny! She screams for a little bit and then is fine the rest of the time. Heather has been so great at making Shalom feel comfortable and having fun.

This picture is pretty random with this title, but we will really miss walking on the levee every morning to walk Roxy. It's been a great way to start our day for almost a whole year!

Me moved all of our stuff into the UHaul Friday afternoon last week. Even though we didn't live in a great neighborhood as far as safety goes, we had some really great neighbors. Mike would mow the lawn for this older lady next door when her son wasn't in town, and she would bake us cookies in return. She was so sweet. And, an older lady across the street would check in on us every now and then. They were sad to have us leave, and they've enjoyed watching Shalom grow up. She wasn't even walking when we moved here, and now she is running all over the place. She sure does love her little car. Luckily, she was playing inside the car while we were putting more stuff in the truck.

I will really miss Helen and Lindsay!! Helen's been like one of Shalom's other mothers. Shalom loves blowing kisses to her, and as soon as she Helen she'll run up to her. It's too cute! Shalom got to know Lindsay more by going over to her house a lot when she and I would do Insanity workouts together. Shalom sure did grow to love Lindsay! And, who would've thought that Insanity workouts would help us to become good friends?!

And, I sure will miss Bro. Jim Cloward. He passed away this past week of a heart attack. Mike and I got to know he and his sweet wife while we were living at my parents and going to the Opelousas Branch. Bro. Cloward sure did love Shalom. He always wanted to hold her after sacrament and just thought the world of her. He loved watching Mike hold Shalom up with her standing on the palm of his hand. While giving a talk in sacrament, Bro. Cloward even had Mike, in the congregation, have Shalom stand on his palm. It was a little strange but funny and sweet at the same time. I'm glad Shalom and I were able to visit him in the hospital this past Sunday.