Mike's Surprise Party!

This past Monday I threw a surprise party for Mike to celebrate his new job. It kind of made him bummed that I haven't been showing my excitement for him; so I decided to do this for him. I gave the idea to his mom (who was still visiting in Shreveport) over the phone Monday morning, and she said that she would love to come down and would see if Mike's other brothers would like to come too. It was so nice of them to drive four hours for the party at 7 and then drive back the next morning. We had a lot of fun playing Rockband and just hanging out. I wish we could have invited more people, but it was so last-minute. Mike was so surprised, and he said it meant a lot to him. Well, needless to say, things are pretty good in our house now. :)

We are moving to Midland, Texas. Mike will leave this Saturday, and drive the UHaul with his brother, Reagan, while I stay behind for another month.


Laura said...

Welcome to the great state of Texas where we actually recite our own pledge!!It's like a whole nother country over here. lol. Guess ya'll will still be about the same distance from us but I hope we can still visit.

ShehadehWonderfulLife said...

Looking through those pics made me wish so bad we were there! YOu are so thoughtful MEL and we wish you the best in Texas!! Congrats Mike!