Vacation in Gulf Shores

Last weekend, on the 23rd, Shalom and I went on vacation to Gulf Shores with my family. The night before Amy and Judd came to town early in the evening to go to the temple. It was nice that there was babysitting at the chapel so I could join with them. I don't think I've gone to the temple with them since Mike and I got married. Even though I wasn't there with Mike, it was nice sitting next to Amy and being in there with her and Judd.

I decided to drive at 4 in the morning to get there by the time the kids would wake up. I was not about to go through hours of screaming kids, especially mine. It was definitely not easy driving so early in the morning, but Judd was nice to talk to me and keep me awake. I was glad we made it safe and sound for the kiddos to start playing once we got there, and we pretty much went straight to the beach! Shalom wasn't too sure about the ocean, but she loved playing in the sand. It was actually a break for me at the beach rather than at the pool where I have to keep a constant eye on her. Scott and Brent, and their families were there a couple days before us; so it was fun to be with them while our each of our visits over-lapped. Scott left on Monday while Brent stayed the rest of the week with Laura's family on vacation too.

I love this video of Brent and Annabeth dancing! I don't know who is cuter.

The next day was my birthday! It was great going to the beach, the pool, out to eat for lunch at LuLu's (which was a great kid-friendly restaurant with the kids being able to play in the sand by your table), and the outlet shops. My dad, Scott, and Judd were so nice to watch the kids so us girls could play tennis with Brent and his brother-in-laws. We had a great time, especially Amy and I beating my mom and Tracey! We all ate cake and ice cream and everyone sang to me, but the singing was more like a whisper to not wake up the kids - a little lame but funny at the same time. It was a fun-filled day ! The only thing missing was Mike. :(

The night isn't complete without a glass bottle of doc!

Trying to get a picture of some of the grandkids before Scott and Tracey left just did not go so well. :)

Every day was fun playing on the beach, swimming in the pool afterwards, playing tennis, going to the play ground, playing UNO or Wii dance games at night. It was also fun being able to hang out with the Thompsons one day on the beach too.

Shalom loves to hold hands! Her and Rylan are so cute!

Shalom has become fearless in the pool. It's pretty cool but scary at the same time. She just seems like such a natural.

Brooke is so sweet holding Shalom in the water!

We had a fun time taking the kids to grand prix! I don't think Shalom would be tall enough for the swing ride, but she absolutely loved it!!! I just love her smile and her laugh!

A Gulf Shores trip just isn't complete without going to Lambert's. We went there before we headed back home. Amy had them announce my and Brooke's birthdays on their intercom. They have you stand up to be recognized, and Brooke just felt SO special!

My parents stayed until the end of the week, but we had to leave early so Judd could get back to work and so I could get back to Mike. We were going to leave on Tuesday but ended up staying one more . My dad has a way of convincing you to stay longer. We've been having so much; he didn't want to go back to a quiet, empty condo. My dad is so sweet and tender-hearted. His eyes started to get red, trying to fight the tears, as he was giving us and the grandkids kisses good-bye. He and my mom waved the whole time and cried as we were driving out of the parking lot. (It makes me a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.) We talked to them later on, and they were doing a little retail therapy at the outlet mall. They are too funny.


ShehadehWonderfulLife said...

Oh I love the beach!! GLad you got to have some R&R on your birthday!!
And holy cow!! Is your 1 year old swimming?! That is insane!! I miss her!!!! ...and you too : )

Benji and Anne King said...

So fun! The beach sounds wonderful. I love those pics of Shalom on the swings--priceless.