Grandma Ema and Uncle Titus Came to Visit

Titus and Shalom sharing an otter pop together. So sweet!

We enjoyed lots of walks on top of the levee with everyone. The boys needed a bit of a nudge, but it was fun nonetheless.

We went to New Orleans one of the weekends they were here. Ema treated us to a hotel in the French Quarter. One of the reasons we got a hotel was to enjoy a pool, but right when we got there it started raining. Oh well. We had a nice time walking around the French Quarter, eating dinner at Deannie's (for my birthday), and then going to Cafe Du Monde. We had a great time, the next day, at the World War II Museum. It was so cool and eye-opening. Ema's father is a WWII vet (his boat was the 2nd infantry boat to land on Normandy); so it was special for all of us to learn more and have more appreciation for him.

We went to the playground a few times, and Shalom already acts like she is a big kid by going to the big kid playground and showing no fear at all. She just goes on up and goes down the big slide like it's no big deal. This is pretty cool but scary at the same time.

Michael, Titus, Ema, and I got to go to the temple together to do baptisms with youth in another ward. It was so nice for Michael to be able to baptize Titus and me. It was also nice to have Michael's other brothers, Josh and Kelvin, watch Shalom on the temple grounds while we were inside. We wanted them to watch her around the temple grounds to feel the spirit of the temple. Being at the temple together was a nice way to end their last week with us. There is no place better to be together than in the temple.

Shalom had so much fun swimming with Daddy and GiGi. I can't believe how she is just such a natural in the water already at only 18 months!