Father's Day Weekend

On our way back from the temple that Saturday, I got some great giggles out of Shalom. She is just so cute and fun when she laughs.

When we got back from the temple, Amy, Judd, and their kids came in from Shreveport to celebrate Father's Day. And, of course, we played at the pool. Big Daddy and Grandma watched the kids while Amy and I played doubles tennis against Mike and Judd. We thought for sure we were going to beat them, but they killed us with Mike being so tall (Amy says "long") and Judd being so fast. We were so bummed, but I guess it was a good Father's Day gift from us. ;)

On Father's Day we, of course, went to the pool. Mike is so sweet with her in the pool, and Shalom just loves playing in the water. It started to rain for a little bit, but it didn't stop Mike and Big Daddy from playing in the water.