Grandma Ema Came to Visit

Shalom finally got to meet her third grandma on the 9th of June. I was so happy they finally got to spend some time together. I'm also glad she was able to come during this time instead of when Shalom was 2 or 3 months. Shalom smiles and giggles so much. It is so much fun to interact with her. All of the family was together (minus Titus and Reagan) Friday, the 11th, to celebrate Ema-Chanel's husband, Josh's birthday. We all hung out at the farm on Saturday. We ended up taking turns jumping off a ledge while connected to a bungie cord; so you jump off and swing around. It's pretty fun. It took my forever to jump off. It's only about 15 feet high. Mike's little 5 year-old brother was jumping off it like it was no big deal.

It's pretty cool that Ema is due this December the exact same day I was due with Shalom on the 21st.

We had so much fun on the jumping pillow (or Mike and his dad call it a DIY Inflatable). It's like a really huge trampoline. Mike was doing back flips and front flips. I forgot how much fun it is to jump on it.

I don't know who was having more fun; Shalom or Grandma (aka Gemmy).

Our last night we went out to eat some good ol' cajun food at Blue Dog Cafe. We wish she could have stayed a little longer. We had so much fun just visiting and hanging out.