Memorial Weekend and More

A few weeks ago, my parents hosted a company crawfish boil at their house. They had tons of food and TONS of crawfish! A big truck was brought out to cook all the food. There was fun music and horseshoes to play. The Shalom was pretty much the hit of the party. I love the cajun accent from Lafayette. It is very distinct. I also love how some of the women around Shalom kept saying, "Shaw Baby." (I don't now how to spell what they were saying.) "Shaw" means "how cute" or "how sweet." They kept saying, "Oh shaw!" It was so sweet.

Shalom is getting her first taste of crawfish.

My mom probably spent a couple months getting their courtyard all ready for the party. There were weeds every where! I never knew weeds could grow so tall! It was glad I could help her; it was hard work yet therapeutic at the same time. Of course the courtyard doesn't look the same today. A lot of the weeds are back. At least it looked pretty for the party.

Shalom just loves standing on her daddy's hands. It seems to be their favorite thing to do together.

The Friday of Memorial Day weekend we played 9 holes of golf with my dad. It was Shalom's first of many on the golf course. It was definitely a challenge and little interesting trading her off to take turns to hit our ball, but we had a good time.

Saturday, we all went up to Shreveport to be with everyone up there and went straight to Southern Trace. It was a lot of fun all of us together hanging out. I think Shalom enjoyed her first time in the pool. She was just as content as she could be.

Amy and Judd with their kids, Brooke and Rylan and one on the way.

Bryce is very much attached to his daddy and mommy. Grandma just was not cuttin' it.

Brooke and Grandma. They are like two peas in a pod.

All the guys having a putting contest . I can only imagine what they could be betting on. . . who is gonna buy Burger King on the way home like the old days (but of course Dad would alway end up buying it).

Poor Tracey having to carry all the bags back to the car. She's so awesome!

Monday, all of the girls (me, Amy, my mom, Tracey, and Jenny) played in a doubles tennis scramble at Southern Trace. It was really casual; for fun. Every 20 minutes, they would blow the horn and switch you with a different partner and different opponents. It was really fun. It was my first time to play with other people other than just my family. I think I'll have to look in to playing on a team. Afterwards, we all had fun playing in the pool some more. (I wish I would've gotten pictures with Michael's family on Sunday. I couldn't find my camera at all. We had a good time hanging out and letting Shalom get to know her Aunts and Uncles some more.)

Brooke was so brave and went down the slide with me.

Big Daddy with some of the grandkids.

I think we wore her out from a busy weekend and being in the sun a lot.

Shalom has had a few firsts lately. When we got back from Shreveport, I thought I would feed her in her little Bumbo for the first time and spoon feed her rice cereal. Let's just say she is still grasping the concept.

We came home to four cute, little kittens. My parents' cat, Stella (aka Stinky Stella, aka Slutty Stella), had her kittens while we were gone. I really wish I could've watched the process. These kittens are Stella's second set of kittens. Just two or three months ago, her last set sadly didn't make it due to their dogs being a little too curious.