French Quarter Festival

Saturday, we went to the French Quarter Festival, to have us some good ol' fun with friends and to get a break from moving. We have never been to this festival or any festival for that matter in New Orleans (I don't know if Mardi Gras counts). There was A LOT of walking, eating, and listening to music. Shalom was so good the whole entire time. Half the time she was in a baby carrier backpack, and the other half she was in my Moby wrap. She was just content as can be the whole time. She was definitely spoiled, thought, being right on us most of the day. With all the walking, eating, and music listening, we topped off the night with some beignets.

Somewhere along the way, Michael lost the keys to our car. Luckily, we didn't drive our car to New Orleans and then get stranded there. We left our car in Baton Rouge at a friend's house. We couldn't find the keys ANYWHERE. I was so frustrated with him, but he kept a good attitude about it all. I was definitely learning patience from the situation and from him. He ended up driving a friend's car to Lafayette to get his set of keys and then he made it back in time for church towards the end of sacrament meeting. It was craziness, but there was a lesson to be learned; patience (and maybe not to let him have my set of keys anymore).