Our Day in Shreveport

Friday night we went to Shreveport. We were going to go to Festival International in Lafayette, but it was supposed to rain all weekend. My mom was going up to Shreveport for Bryce's 1st birthday party; so we decided to go hang out with family since we didn't have anything else planned.

I hung out with my family while Michael hung out with his family. (This usually ends up happening whenever we go to Shreveport. We're trying to be together when we're with each side, but since we were just there one day we split up.)

I got to hang out with my mom and Amy and her kids in the morning before we went over to Scott's house for his son's 1st birthday party. Tracey, Scott's wife, did a great job making it special for him. She had a Barney themed party with purple cupcakes and purple balloons with Barney plates and napkins. It was a lot for a 1st birthday, but it was fun laughing and hanging out with every one.

Bryce, the birthday boy!

We went out to the park in their neighborhood to celebrate since it was so pretty outside, and Carson decided to pull his pants down to pee in the grass. He is such a funny kid. I caught him right when his mom was telling him to pull his pants up.

It was kind of funny at the park. The wind was blowing kind of hard so we had cups, napkins, and plates flying everywhere, and we were trying to keep kids from getting windy. All I could do was laugh. It seemed a little chaotic, but it was a lot of fun.

Caroline is only ten years old and already passing grandma up!

I wish I could get to know Caroline, Jackson, and Carson more. They are such cute kids.

This was me riding around in the back of Amy's van. I had to climb through the back with the car seat every time I got in.

We had to get a picture with the pretty princess. Brooke was so excited and shy being around Kayla, Michael's sister, all dressed up like a princess for prom. Brooke was so funny. She was so wide-eyed once she saw Kayla.

While Michael was with his family, Kayla told him that morning that it was prom but she hadn't planned on going and didn't have a dress either. He couldn't have that. He wanted her to go to prom and have a really fun time. So, she changed her mind a little while later and they went dress shopping. He helped her pick out the dress and jewelry and paid for it all. It was so sweet of him. He call her date up and told him that he had to do two things: take her somewhere really nice to eat and buy pictures. We're glad that she didn't miss out on going to prom.

Kayla and her date, Patrick. (They are dating now. I guess she had a good time.)

We had a lot of fun hanging out with family all in one day! I wish we could visit more often!