We Moved! :(

Well, we no longer live in Baton Rouge anymore. We're so sad. Michael got a job in Lafayette about a month ago; so he was commuting an hour each way every day for a week or two. Since we weren't seeing each other too often, we decided to stay at my parents (they live 10 minutes north of Lafayette in a town called Sunset) from Sunday evening to Thursday. On Thursdays, I would leave early in the morning to make it to clinical at 6:30 in the morning while my mom would watch Shalom all day on Thursday. Michael would bring the baby back home to Baton Rouge after work, and he would just commute on Friday mornings. I would have Sarah or Erica watch Shalom on Fridays. We would start this all over again on Sunday right after church. Saturdays were OUR days. They were and still are special to us because it is our time to spend together.

We couldn't get out of our lease with our apartment; so we put our apartment up on craigslist for someone to take over the lease. We didn't realize we would find someone so soon. A lady that wanted to take it over was approved and everything with the apartment last weekend. Instead of paying for a week of April, we decided to pack up Wednesday night and Thursday all day and pack up a truck on Friday. So, we drove from Sunset to Baton Rouge Wednesday night. Michael packed all night, and while I was in clinical Thursday he packed everything up. Besides not having to pack, it was nice that I wasn't the one packing up because I would've been reminiscing over every little thing. Michael just throws stuff in boxes; not exactly how I would've done it but whatever it got done.

We called up some friends to go out to dinner Thursday with it being our last night in Baton Rouge. They thought we were doing an April Fool's joke on them. We wished that we were. We couldn't think of anywhere new that we haven't been before but have been wanting to go to; so we just went to good ol' Sammy's for some good ol' cajun food.

Early Friday morning we got the packing started. We kept telling ourselves, "I can't believe this is happening so fast!"

Thank you so much to everyone that helped!!! We really appreciate your friendship and your love! We are so sad to leave Baton Rouge and Baton Rouge 2nd Ward. As soon as we were finally bloomed in Baton Rouge, we are having to be planted somewhere else. Although we are sad to leave, we are excited for our new adventure.