Maunawili Falls

We found this hiking trail that is about an hour away from where we are staying, but was totally worth the drive. (Hiking trails are so hard to find because most of them start inside a neighborhood.) This was just a mile and a 1/2 trail which lead to a waterfall with a little swimming area. The swimming area was really deep so it was great to jump into from the cliffs. Mike jumped off the little 15 foot cliff, but of course he wasn't completely satisfied. He climbed up further to get to the 25 and 30 foot cliffs, and jumped off a number of times. We hung out for a while at the little spot and we were about to go. I was looking around for him and didn't know where he was. Well, he jumped off the even taller jump that was 40 feet high. Once he saw a couple guys go up, he decided to do it.

This is Mike climbing up to the 40 foot cliff. He already did it twice before I found him. I wanted to go up to see what it was like to look down since I couldn't jump off.

I wish I could have gotten closer, but it was so muddy and slippery. The cliff in front on the other side is the 25 foot cliff.

Here he is jumping off the 40 foot cliff!