Golfing at Kahuku Golf Course

Tuesday, we went out to the golf course! Our friend, Paul, took us out last week, and we had a blast! It was nice of him to take us out there because we didn't know where any of the golf courses were, and this one is just 2 miles away from where we are staying and pretty cheap. Before we arrived in Hawaii, Mike's mom found some old golf clubs in a donation pile at her student housing and snatched them up for us since we weren't able to bring our own clubs. It was so nice of her! It's a little funny though because we kind of have to follow each other on some of the holes to our balls because we only have one bag of clubs.

This is just a 9-hole course, but it's great because it right in front of the ocean. You have a great view the whole time you're playing. And, this is a great golf course for Mike because there is not much of a dress code. We had a great time playing together! How could you not though being on the golf course and by the beach! Who could ask for more?!