Moving Day

Our last Friday night in our apartment....with Sarah, Kip, Helen, and Zack.

The next morning, on Saturday, we woke up early in the morning and loaded all of our boxes and furniture. We are so lucky to have really good friends in our lives. Mike's old boss, Donald, came over with his truck and trailer to help us load up everything. It was nice of him. Kip also came over to help move everything. Adam came over towards the very end, but he helped a lot to unload all of our stuff.

It was so nice of Sarah, Erica, and Helen to help me clean up the apartment. Luckily, it's not that big of a place so we were able to get finished pretty fast.

(Here come the Hillbillies!)

This is our very last picture in our apartment....so sad. I really don't like seeing empty rooms right after they've been lived in. I always feel such an emptiness inside. I'm really surprised I didn't cry at all though. I absolutely hate change. I think I've gotten better at it. I think I have to get used to it being married to an adventurous man. For a few days we will be homeless but not for long. We'll be living it up in Hawaii!! We can't wait!


Layla said...

Woo that is so cool that you guys are living in Hawaii! For how long? Which island? We are going to Maui in August. Can't wait!

mel said...

We are only here on the island of oahu for 2 months. We leave on the 4th of August. That's pretty cool about you going to Maui. I would like to take a short trip to Maui since we're so close who knows though.