Mike's Mom's Graduation

Mike's mom, Ema, graduated from BYU-Hawaii this past Saturday. She graduated with her bachelor's degree in ......mmmhh I don't remember but it has to do with conflict resolutions. She's a great example to us for working so hard. This summer she is going to Israel to work with Israeli and Palestinian children trying to bring them together.

Colin, Ema, Mike, and Titus

Ema with a friend she met a couple minutes ago. It was sweet of him to give her a lei.

Ema with some of her friends. It looks like so much fun to be given lei's at graduation. Some people were given so many they went up to their forehead.


Stacy Hutchinson said...

I covet your summer. Live it up!! congrats to Mike AND his mom both graduating this year. That's so exciting.

mel said...

thank you! and, i can't wait to meet your new addition finally when i come back!