Valentine's Day Fun and Relaxation

Mike went with me to cheer me on as I ran in the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k race. I tried to get him to run it with me, but he hates to run. He tried to be a good coach though. It was kinda fun to run past our apartment and through LSU campus. I ran with my Nike+ ipod. (It tells me my pace, distance, and time while I'm running.) I preset it to 6.2 miles, and by the time 6.2 miles came up on the ipod at the race I was like, "Freak, how much longer is the race?!" Needless to say, the Nike+ was .6 miles off. It was a good race though. I was happy that Mike cheered me on at the end. And, it was also fun to see Erin, Adam, Jane, and Jacob at the race too.

After the race, Mike gave me my Valentine's present. We both decided to give inexpensive, creative gifts. He prepared the house for a "day at the spa." It was so sweet. It definitely felt great after the run.


adamanderin said...

Awesome job on the run!!

Costi said...

good job mel, what an accomplishment! you're such an inspiration, miss you when are you coming to alec?

Jill_ums said...

A 10k is too far for me! Good job. How is life treating you? Jia You! :)