Rockband at the Nicholson Apartments

We had a Rockband little get-together with all of the Nicholson Apartment people plus Stan and Vicky. We used our little pig grill to cookout. Anything to get Mike to cook since he loves to grill. It's always fun to have a lot of people over but not too many since our apartment is so little. It was fun to have our new neighbors, Helen and Zack, and Stan and Vicky since we've never had them over after all this time.

It was fun to compete while playing Rockband because at the end of each song it will tell you if you were the top performer, energy hoarder, most energy, and more but I forgot. We would end each thing with "in bed." It got kind of fun to try to be the top performer.......in bed.

This picture of Sarah is so funny to me. She really gets in to singing.

This one of Zack is hilarious to me. He was really concentrating I guess.


bs thayne said...

hi guys! it's so fun to see you after all this time-we missed you. you look so happy. rockband is a party!