I love this picture of the family. It's so hard to get everyone together to take a picture. We took a silly picture at first, and now Scott is the only silly one for the normal picture. It's great. It's been so nice to be with everyone this Christmas season!

I love being Brooke's little buddy. She's still too short to ride anything herself so I had to get in the back and pull us around.

It's not a party without Guitar Hero. Nathan is like a super expert at it. Nobody can beat him. Dad's face looks so funny when he's playing the guitar. He just can't move his fingers fast enough with the notes. It's funny.

Every year Dad gets us shoes whether we need shoes or not. He's funny. He loves to buy shoes. Am I acting surprised?

Dad also gets all the boys golf shirts. I think Nathan's trying to act surprised too. It's kind of funny that we already know some of the things we're going to get.

Judd loves his Franklin-Covey daily planner. He is seriously in this thing all the time. I think he was the most excited about this gift. Judd's great.

Mom made us these tiles for all of us with our last name. It was so sweet of her.

Scott and Tracey are having a baby boy in May. Yay!! They're getting stuff early for the baby. It is great hanging out with them. They are seriously a laugh a minute.

We got Carson this Nintendo DS game. He was so excited. He was like, "What else did you get me?" Kids are great. He's such a funny kid.

I love how Dad bends his chin down a little bit for pictures. He's so funny.

Amy finally got a new tennis racket after so many years and so many tennis tournaments. This should be nice.

Mom loves to wear bright colors. This top was definitely perfect for her.


Laura said...

I think you guys know what your getting from your Dad because he has a stash of supplies in the attic! lol. Seriously, Brent just got his 6th pair of golf shoes and he doesn't even play anymore. Your dad's so funny. It was good to see you guys.