Santa was good to us. We got some good stocking stuffers. Michael's mom made sure he (or Sanata) stuffed my stocking this year since I didn't get a stocking last year. He had Santa little helpers (Laura and Brent) get me stocking stuffers from Target. I watched him text Brent. Good job Santa's little helpers.

All of us with our stockings. Santa was good to us all this year. He was very generous. We got lots of candy. Their stockings were in storage so they had big socks as their stockings.

Auntie Anna came down Seattle to visit us for Christmas. We were given beautiful scarves from Michael's mom, Ema. She got them from her trip to Israel. We love our scarves!

Ema-Chanel (Michael's sister) and I with our gift cards. We both happened to give each other gift cards to a restaurant. Great minds think alike.

Titus (Michael's brother) gave me a great Hawaiian T-shirt. Thanks Titus!