I have to do a little bragging. Tonight, Michael and I played some tennis. Before we started he asked me if I was ready to get my butt kicked.

He usually beats me. He's gotten pretty good, and he just started playing tennis a little over a year ago while I've been playing for years with my family. Okay, so it makes me a little upset whenever he would beat me.

This time, I thought I was going to lose again. I was down 4-1, but I came back to beat him 6-5. I felt so proud of myself, especially because I ran 6 miles an hour before. He was a good sport. Now, he can't ask me if I want to get my butt kicked.


momof5monkeys said...

Thanks for adding me to your "friends and family" list! You and your husband are so ADORABLE!! Aunt Stacy and Uncle Mark (I can't believe I'm your Aunt!)