Michael's 26th Birthday!

Michael's birthday was yesterday, and I tried to make his it really special. He had to go to work early in the morning so I wasn't able to make him a big breakfast or anything in the morning, but I figured showering him with gifts is a little better.

(I didn't get him a whole lot for Christmas because he doesn't really care for gifts during the holidays. He'd rather give gifts to other people.) Anyway. I got him a lot of clothes and a pair of sandals. I know it's winter time but it's his birthday, and I got him stuff that he doesn't ever get for himself. My family kind of makes fun of him because he really only wears one extreme of shoes; either boots or sandals. Now, he can stop wearing just one extreme.

It was fun watching him unwrap all of his gifts. We later went to our favorite restaurant, Chelsea's, for dinner. He's been happy about his birthday week. We had a party at Josh and Stacy's on Saturday night to celebrate Josh's birthday too. Thanks guys for opening your house to everyone. And, thanks everyone for celebrating. It was a fun night!