Mike was able to get off work on Friday night. It was nice since he's been working every weekend for the past 2 months. I was going to go see Twilight Saturday but my dad got tickets to the LSU game last minute. I really wanted to see the movie so I got Mike to go with me. I didn't want to make him come because I knew he wasn't going to enjoy it but I wanted to go with someone. He was kind of annoying because he would laugh at some of the scenes.

It was fun to go the movies though. We snuck in some McDonald's and of course got some popcorn. At first Mike wasn't going to get popcorn, but I was like, "You have to. It's all part of the movie theater experience." He made me walk over to McDonald's with him because he didn't want to carry my purse around to put the food in, but I wanted to get a good seat. He's laughing at me because I am throwing a tantrum. It was a fun night all together.

But about the movie. I loved it. Of course the book is better than the movie. At first, I didn't like Rob Pattinson as Edward, but watching him in the movie he looked better and better. My favorite part of the movie was the kissing scene in her bedroom. It was hot!


Stacy Hutchinson said...

NO KIDDING! It was so intense because not only did they have raging hormones, but also his "monster" wanted to rip her to shreds and drink her dry!! Thanks for the ticket. I need to give you some more cash. That's all we had that night. Josh didn't even get to go. He helped my Aunt move from 8:30am to 9:30 pm. CRAZINESS!! The ticket was used, however.

Laura said...

Edward looks good depending on the light. Yeah - the book was definitely better. But they left out sooo much stuff. And I didn't think Edward was suave or confident enough. He was actually kind of a spaz in the movie. But even so, it was a good watch and I'll probably watch it 100 more times. Ahh... the life of an addict! I gotta get my Edward fix!