Becca was my Mike yesterday at the LSU game. My dad gave us tickets that were at the upper side of the home side. We were crazy enough to take the stairs (even after someone told us to take the elevator) not knowing exactly how far up we'd be going up. We were so freaking hot when we got up to the top so we needed a drink. The guy in front of us got hot chocolate. We're like, "WTF! It's freaking hot. This guy is crazy." We finally sat down, and we were in the shade and so COLD!

It was great to have Scott and Tracey at the game and experience everything.

I look like I am posing for a portrait with my parents. I hounded my dad long enough to get us tickets to a game and he pulled through for the last home game. They happened to see two seats that were open so me and Becca tried to find them on the opposite side. We found our way to the ground level inside and walked around. It was kinda cool to see the players up close.

The person taking the picture thought Scott was just poking his head in the picture. It was great to watch the game with all of us together plus the fact that we were much closer (14 rows away closer).