It was fun having Michael's family come down to my parent's house in Sunset. It was too bad they only stayed for a night. Amy was the only sibling that came down. The others were off at other families' houses.

Isn't my mom so beautiful. She worked so hard to cook for all of us. It's not a real thanksgiving without her wheat rolls. They're the best.

Amy's acting crazy, and my dad can't figure out his own camera. And, I'm trying to help her with her computer (download music) and she's trying to lick my face. Mike's mom, Leilani, was rockin' it out later than all the adults singing the rock band songs with the rest of the kids. Rock band can get so addicting.

We played trivial pursuit with the Billings against the Barrows/Marrantos, and the Billings tore it up! It was mainly the Billings against my dad (Big Daddy).

Bid Daddy and Brooke. We all went for a walk around the neighborhood with my parents' three dogs. I can't believe I didn't take any picture of them. They're so cute. They are rescue dogs. They look like mini sheep though. They're names are Milly and Hannah (Montana).

Mike's siblings (Kayla, Josh, Kelvin, and Bryan) played Rock Band and ping pong pretty much the whole time. They are really good at Rock Band. It was fun to watch Big Daddy play the drums, and he likes to take over the guitar. Judd was great at jammin' on the drums and getting into it. I have the hardest time keeping up on the drums sometimes. My favorite is jamming to Metallica.


Costi said...

cute pics...love those families