We finally got to go to an LSU game!! It was Mike's first game and my second. Last year, I went with my parents in the box seats. It was so nice. This time, we were literally two rows away from the very top. It was crazy how high up we were. The players looked like ants; no not really. We ended up moving a little closer throughout the game though where we saw empty seats. We had a lot of fun getting in to the different cheers. We're glad LSU won this game. It would've been too bad if they lost for our first game to go to together.


Costi said...

how fun! its about time! :) you guys are so beautiful!

Jane Hudd said...

Melanie -- you are so pretty. I wanted to come tell you that on Sunday but I kept getting distracted in other conversations or else we were in the middle of Sunday School or something. I thought your tennis-ball-yellow shirt was awesome. --- And on a totally separate note, I really appreciated hearing your testimony on Sunday during church. Thanks for sharing. --- We need to get together again soon. It feels like it's been FOREVER.

melanie and michael said...

awwhh! thank y'all so much!!