Racquetballand HalloweenChurchParty

Monday night was our date night, and I somehow convinced Mike to workout with me. He hates to workout. He'd rather play a sport as a workout. We didn't have time to workout and go out to eat in the same night; so we just made working out and racquetball into our date. Mike beat me all three games. I normally would have gotten really pissed the whole time but I did better this time with my game and with cursing. It felt great to hit him on the back (twice) (it was an accident), but later he hit me on the ear. Racquetball is so brutal. It's also somewhat therapeutic to get some rage out. (I sound like I have a lot of rage inside. I really don't. haha.) Mike doesn't mind playing me and beating me. He loves rubbing it in my face because he knows it'll make me go mad. At least I had a good hour long run. I like to think that was why he beat me. (Above my head is the number 2. Mike placed me under it for the picture.)

Tuesday night was the church Halloween party. I didn't have time to get a costume let alone think about a costume. I wore a country style dress with cowgirl boots and Mike's cowboy hat. I was a cowgirl. Torianna (one of my Achievement Day girls) was a scary southern belle. I loved it. It was so cute; I mean scary.

Olivia (my other Achievement Day girl) and her little sister, Leah, were so cute! They're such fun girls.

Mike was lame and didn't dress up. He said he was an active member or a student.....lame. I wish my boots were in the picture. The boots and the hat make the whole outfit. (Mike got a little upset with me later on because I wouldn't go dance with him, but nobody was dancing. We would've been the only ones out there looking crazy. I guess it was really lame of me.)