Shreveport Rugby Trip

We made another trip to Shreveport for Mike to play rugby with some teams from LA Tech, Baton Rouge, Austin, and other places.  

1st stop on our way to Shreveport...all/mostly smiles before I wanted to blow my brains out from taking care of the girls ;) j/k

It looks like Roxy is his navigator.

First thing, Saturday morning, I got to do a Spin class that Scott taught at Willis Knighton.  It was actually pretty nice being a participant for a change instead of the teacher.  The people in the class were pretty lame though...no shouting or anything to get others pumped up...oh well, it was a great spin class!

Later, Scott and Bryce met us up at the park where Mike was playing rugby.

We had so much fun with Mike's family just hanging out together and watching Mike play.  Shalom had SO much fun with her grandma, papa, and uncles!  And, Eden did pretty good for us being there until about 5 p.m.

Eden was getting better at walking around!

Someone got a little tired at the park.

That evening, we met up with Ema-Chanel, Josh, and their kids Caleb and Aubrey at the Boardwalk to eat dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.  
Caleb and Shalom had fun looking at all the fish at Bass Pro Shop while we waited for our table.

 After church on Sunday, Mike's family came to town to have lunch and hang out with us at Amy's house....even though Amy and here family weren't there.  (They were on their way back from a weekend trip to Dallas.)  It was kinda funny with all of us there hanging out and using her kitchen and everything.  Amy is so great about opening her open to everyone...even when she's not there ;)

Shalom was making Aunt Amy a birthday card.
Later in the evening, we (my family and Amy's family) had dinner and sang Happy Birthday to Amy at Scott and Tracey's house.

 We were going to go to the pool at Southside after dinner, but he didn't realize it was already closed for the evening...so we improvised and the kids got to play with the sprinklers and the water hose!
I love the way Bryce is walking in this picture!

I caught Shalom peeing in the grass...what a little redneck!
Eden is getting more and more confident with walking!

We had such a great time playing and visiting with family!  We actually fit a lot in in just 2 days!  I even got to do a Camp Gladiator class with Amy early in the morning before we left !

Eden was so happy to hold her baby!