Birthdays and Rugby

I had a great time playing golf with Mike for my birthday.  I wish we had more time to do this together. It was a lot of fun, and it's great to see his improvement!

Scott and Bryce singing Happy Birthday to me was too cute and funny!

My birthday dinner with my friends:  Britney, Monica, April, and Emily.  Love them!  I'm so glad I have them as friends; they make Odessa much more enjoyable!

Satuday, the 27th of July, was Eden's 1st birthday!  I went to the gym that morning, and the girls at the gym just love to play with her.  It's so sweet!

We didn't really do a whole lot for Eden's birthday since she doesn't really know what's going on anyways and Mike was out of town so we just sang Happy Birthday and ate cupcakes.  My friend, April, came over with her kids and helped me take pictures of her.

All she really did was play with her cupcake and eat a little bit of it.
 It was fun taking pictures of her with all of her birthday balloons!

After taking a lot of pictures at home and after April left, I took the girls and Roxy out for a walk since the sun was setting more and the light was looking a little better for more pictures.



I can't believe she is 1year old already!  She is such a joy to our family!  She has the sweetest smile, the prettiest blue eyes, and such an infectious laugh!  She's not quite walking yet, but she's getting there.  She loves to climb up the stairs though and climb all over me.  She is a much better eater than Shalom was and still is sometimes.  She loves to play next to Shalom; she's always watching her to see what she is doing.  She loves to pull Shalom's hair and thinks she's funny when she does it.  Our family certainly is blessed with her in it!
12 month stats:  18 lbs 9.5 oz. (25th percentile), 28 1/2 inches (25th percentile)

While we were celebrating Eden's birthday, Mike was playing rugby with his team and his brothers, Reagan and Titus.  It looked like they had a good ol' time!  (I wish I could've gone, but it just would've been exhausting being in the car with the girls for around 9 hours to Houston.)