Weekend Trip to Shreveport

Two weekends ago, we made the trip to Shreveport for Mike's brother, Josh's, high school graduation and his youngest brother, Brian's, baptism. It was was fun, quick trip, but sadly didn't take a whole lot of pictures.  Mike's grandma, Joan, came in town, and it was nice to meet Leilani's mom for the first time; both sweet women.  Shalom had so much fun seeing Papa and Grandma and her aunts and uncles!  I wish we could've stayed in town a little longer.  The trip was way too fast!
Playing basketball after Brian's baptism.
Mike looking at pictures with Leilani's mom. 

We left Josh's graduation early (I feel bad we didn't get pictures with Josh right after his graduation.) and met up with my whole family (minus Brent and Laura) out to eat.  My parents were so sweet to drive up to Shreveport just because we came in town, even though they didn't get to see us very much.  My parents are so great at going out of their way to show their love for us!  I love them SO much!
Shalom, for some reason, really wanted to smooch Rylan...a lot!
She loved smooching Brooke, too!  (I couldn't resist not cropping out Amy's face.)
Shalom holding her new cousin Kennedy!
Some of the family at Jason's Deli.