Rugby Game in Midland

Two weekends ago, we were able to watch Mike and Titus play in a rugby game since it was in Midland this time. It was fun being able to cheer for them and support them. It was so blasted hot and sunny, so I drove the car so the back was facing the field and watched from inside the back of the car.  I had no idea what was going on, but whenever I saw Mike or Titus with the ball or their team going running towards the goal we would cheer.  What I do know is that rugby is pretty brutal because Mike was sore for a week straight after the game, and his wrist is still in pain.  One good thing from Mike playing rugby, though, is that he's gotten in great shape!  ;)

Shalom was too cute 
in her own world playing with the umbrella sometimes getting on the field...oops!  

Daddy's little cheerleaders!

We couldn't keep Roxy from having fun too.  She had fun running around even on the field a couple times...oops!