2nd Annual Crawfish Boil in West Texas

We threw our 2nd annual crawfish boil last weekend! Being all the way out in west Texas makes you really crave some crawfish during the crawfish season. Mike ordered the crawfish from our local Albertson's grocery store. He boiled and seasoned them and everything. (The seasoning wasn't too great this year. Oh well, still good.) I gotta admit. Mike is really good at throwing a party! We had a great turn out! It was fun watching watching people who had never eaten crawfish before learn how to peel them open. Even after all these years, I still hate peeling them so I don't end up eating a whole lot. Shalom sure did have a lot of fun! She played hard while Eden was a just a happy laid back baby.
Eden's first of many crawfish boils!  I  just can't get enough of her sweet smile!

Can't throw a crawfish boil without the girls and Daddy in LSU gear!

Eden and Tate (just 22 days older) were so cute sitting on the grass together.

Shalom helping Daddy!

Shalom loves playing with Aiden!  She always says that he and his sister, Adalyn, are her best friends.

Bryan and April, one of my best friends here.

Annalyn, Adalyn, and Adam Burch

Emily, Cindy, and April

She couldn't quite figure out how to use the scooter so this was her way of playing with it...pushing it.

Sunny and her girls

The man in charge!

Britney (with Charlotte) and Brittany (with Scarlett)

She just loved playing with him!  They were both so cute!