30th Birthday/Prom

Mike threw me a surprise party/prom the night of my birthday, the 24th! I can't believe all the planning and scheming he went through. He really went all out. In order to make sure couples would be there, he payed the girls (sisters) to babysit all the kids. (There were around 13 kids in all.) He took off work early and decorated with our friends Dave and Emily at another friend's parents house. Everything looked so beautiful, and it was so much fun dancing...just a few days before the baby came!
David and Laurel King (Their girls babysat all the kids.)
Emil and Sunny Busby
David and Emily Martin
Adam and Britney Bird (Her parents offered their house for the party.)
Evan and Lorrie Siglar
Dave and Emily Cook (They helped Mike decorate, and Emily and Britney hosted my baby shower.)
The Sellers
Bryan and April Stromberg (She just had a baby a couple weeks ago. I thought it was pretty awesome of her to come. And, she made the cute face mask things.)
I wish I would have gotten a picture with more of the other girls. Oh well! I'm glad Analynn was there even though her husband, Adam, couldn't make it. (They're both from Louisiana so it's been fun hanging out with some Louisiana people.) Well, I may have been the main dancer at the "prom" but it was still such a fun party! Mike really outdid himself! He went above and beyond keeping it a secret, paying for all the babysitting, getting all the decorations, and more! I sure do have a pretty awesome husband!


Larisa Naomi Constantinescu said...

This looks like sooo much fun!!! Mel, you look amazing!!!!!! I can't believe you birthed a baby two days later!!! Michael did a great job too!