The Past 2 Months

These are both Shalom and the baby's ultrasound pictures. Shalom is on top and the baby's is on the bottom. They look a lot alike in some ways. This pregnancy hasn't been too bad. I haven't thrown up at all. Occasionally I'll get cramps, and I think I experience Braxton Hick contractions a couple weeks ago. Other than that I've felt pretty good, I'm still teaching spin classes 3x a week.
Shalom loves to get in to my make-up. She likes to put on lip gloss so she put on my mascara like lip gloss. Silly girl!
She loves to do a cheese smile for the camera!
We take Roxy on walks every day. In the beginning of potty training, I decided to take her one day without a diaper on since she can go to the potty fine without anything on. Throughout the walk I kept asking her if she needed to go potty and if she said yes then I would get her out of the stroller and try to get her to squat. Luckily she didn't have to go at all until we came back from the walk, but it was pretty funny with her running around lifting up her dress!
Shalom got to see the Easter Bunny the day before Easter at an Easter egg hunt. She was so excited to see him! She gave him a big hug! The Easter egg hunt was a bust though. It was a city Easter egg hunt, and it literally lasted 2 minutes. As soon as the kids could go all the kids ran across a big field and they were gone! Oh well. Sunday, I hid some eggs for her in the courtyard of our apartment complex. Some older kids happened to be around and they wanted to help me hide the eggs. And, they helped her find them once she and Mike came out. It was so cute! She was so excited to get the eggs with candy! Probably a little too much candy....lesson learned. These are just some fun videos of Shalom. She's gotten pretty good at swimming. She'll swim to someone or she likes to swim on her own with a noodle.