Michael's birthday:
One of the gifts I made him was a shadow box display of his mission. A lot of his stuff had been sitting in a box so I thought I should display, especially since he talks about it all the time too.

Lubbock Temple:
Two weekends ago we got to witness a family sealing! It was so special, and I'm so glad that went. You really do learn or just remember forgotten things each time at the temple!

Shalom and Roxy:
We usually go out to the courtyard in the apartment complex to let Roxy run around (even though dogs shouldn't be off leashes). This one day, Shalom was just having so much fun trying to climb on top of Roxy. It was so cute. Also, I love how all the kids in the complex love Shalom and Roxy and go up to them every time they see them.

Play date:
Occasionally, some of the moms in our ward will meet up so our kids can play together. With the cold weather, we went to the play area at the mall. And, the mall is nothing to talk about. The play area is basically the only reason to go. The kids had fun, and they loved the train!

Last weekend, we babysat Adam and Annalyn's (from Louisiana) kids from Thursday to Saturday so they could go out of town to coach softball games. (They both coach softball at UTPB in Odessa). It was pretty fun! It was a little crazy at times, but it was fun for the kids. We offered another couple with 2 kids to babysit. What's 2 more kids?! It actually worked out perfect because we were able to go out the next night (with one couple watching Shalom) and then we were able to go out Valentine's night (Adam and Annalyn watched her). Trading babysitting is the best!


Benji and Anne King said...

Congrats on baby #2! Wish I could come to your spinning classes, i desperately need it.