It Was a Fun 2 Months!

Even though Mike and I were apart for almost two months, I had a lot of fun living at my parents' house. I will for sure cherish the time I had with them. It's not like it was a party every day, but I just enjoyed their company doing simple, mundane things like walking the dogs together, watching t.v. shows together, or doing house chores together. My mom made the best smoothies in the morning, and she is such a fun grandma to Shalom. My dad would normally work until late at night, but when came home he would always show his excitement to see me and MiMi (Shalom). Occasionally we would play golf together, and my mom and I would switch off watching Shalom while the other one hit. I hope that I can teach Shalom golf and enjoy this sport with her.

The last day my dad was able to spend with us was Tuesday because he had to go out of town for the rest of the week. He switched his schedule around and went in work late that morning. It was so nice of him to take time off of work to be with us.

Here is Big Daddy and MiMi in the hot tub together that morning.

It was so cute of MiMi running after Big Daddy on the golf course.

She had lots of fun with Grandma in the hot tub!

She's playing peekaboo with Big and Grandma at a restaurant!

She's playing peekaboo again in the golf bag trashcan with Big Daddy!

We sure do miss them already!