Fun Filled Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was a whirlwind of a weekend! We left Saturday morning to go up to Shreveport for Mike's sister, Kayla's, graduation from high school. It was fun to celebrate and support her with her accomplishment. It was also really fun (and random) to run in to my high school friend, Christine Joe. It's been a year since we last saw each other. (Too bad I didn't take any pictures. She was there for her cousin.)

Sunday morning was the big race; my triathlon. This race was my first one two years ago with my brother, Scott; so it was really fun doing it again with him. The whole race was a 450 yard swim, 14 mile bike, and a 2.5 mile run. I improved my time by a whole 4 minutes! I was pretty happy about that. I felt some real motivation, though, to do more triathlons into my old age because I noticed in the results for everyone that a 60 something year old lady beat me by around 2 minutes. That's pretty awesome!

What was also pretty cool about the race was to have Mike, Shalom, and my friend, Naomi, waiting for me at the finish line. We all went to church together right afterwards. I literally left the race when I was done, went to my brother's house to change clothes and throw on deodorant to make to church. We didn't make it to partake of the sacrament, but, nonetheless, we got there about 9:30ish for the rest of sacrament meeting. I wasn't going to let the race keep me from going to church! It's too bad most of the triathlon races are on Sundays.

We left to come back down to Lafayette to hang out with the rest of my family. It was so awesome that 4 of the 5 siblings were there. Brent and Laura came to visit after just having their second baby a few weeks ago, Scott and his family came down, and Amy drove from Houston visiting Judd's family. Judd had to work on Monday; so Amy thought why not drive to Sunset and be with family instead of hanging around at home. I'm glad she did because it was so fun being with everyone and have the cousins play together. We all went to the pool that evening. Shalom had a blast playing in the big pool and the baby pool!

The next morning before the big inflatable slide came to be set up, the kids seemed to be pretty content playing with this water toy for a while. I love watching them all play together.

Finally the slide was set up! My mom was one the first ones to go down. She's so funny! At first the kids were a little hesitant to go up, but they ended up having a blast going down and just playing in the little pool at the bottom. I think they just took a little break to eat. Mike was nice enough to play with some of them and grill out while the girls needed a break every now and then. It all turned out perfect; especially with not having to pack everything up to go the pool.

I don't know if these videos will work, but one is of my mom sliding down and one is of my dad sliding down. (I talked to them later that evening, and they were still sliding down after everyone had left. They're great!)


Costi said...

You Rocked it Mel!!!! It was so fabulous to see you!!